How do I join?

Simple. Just give us your mobile number at the billing counter when you shop at Florsheim. Enrollment is then automatic. You also get auto-enrolled when you register at

How do I earn rewards points?

Just shop with us and you'll begin earning Rewards Points!

You get 1 point for every Rs.1 spent. The reward is Rs. 200 for every 5000 points.

We firmly believe that sharing is caring. Invite your friends to shop at our store and earn bonus reward points for your referral.

How does the referral rewards work?

When you refer a friend, they will get 20% bonus reward points and you get 20% points of their first bill value. Plus, you will get 15% of their second bill value and 10% points of their third bill value

How can I use my reward credit?

Give the sales associate the phone number associated with your Florsheim Rewards account at checkout, and they will apply your reward.

Where can I use my reward credit?

You can use your reward credits at Florsheim Exclusive Stores and when you shop online at

When can I start redeeming my reward credit?

You can start redeeming your reward credit once you have collected 5000 reward points in your account. Post that, you need not maintain any minimum balance for redemption.

Is there a limit on how many rewards points I can earn?

No! The more you shop, the more reward points you earn!

When will my earned reward points be reflected in my account?

Your most current and up-to-date reward points balance will be reflected in your account once your order has been billed.

Do my rewards points or reward credits expire?

Yes. Your rewards points and reward credits will expire after 2 years from the date of accrual.

Are there any exclusions?

Yes. While accrual will be applicable on purchase of all non-discounted items, redemption is applicable only on non-discounted leather items.

What happens to my reward points if I return or exchange items?

Returns will result in point decrements when the return happens; and exchanges will be 1:1 point, so if more money is spent, then you get the points for the incremental rupees and vice versa

How do I get in touch with the Florsheim Rewards team for any assistance?

Just write to for any assistance or You can also ping us at our Whatsapp no.+91 9108817878. We will be happy to help you.